Area Facts : Moving To Columbus?

Newcomers Guide

Emergency Services

City Police402-564-3201 - NON Emergency
Platte County Sheriff402-564-3229 - NON Emergency
Fire Dept.402-564-8127 - NON Emergency
Ambulance Service*Midwest Medical Transport 402-563-3396
*Columbus Community Hospital4600 38th St. 402-564-7118

Other Services

Columbus Public Library2504 14th St. 402-564-7116
*Columbus Post Office1555 24th Ave. 402-564-3208
Platte County Courthouse 2610 14th St.
Driver's Examiner's Office


*Loup Public Power District2402 15th St.402-564-3171
*Cornhusker Public Power District23169 235th Ave.402-564-2821

Garbage Service
*Ace Sanitation Service, Inc.3264 E. 15th Ave. 402-564-4397
*Big Red Sanitation2433 32nd St. 402-564-1730
Diamond Sanitation314 Morton Rd. 402-564-6358
*U&I SanitationShady Lake Rd. 402-563-2220
*Waste Connections1200 Hamilton Rd.
*Black Hills Energy929 E. 23rd St.402-563-4546
*Heartland Natural Gas402-540-0449

Internet Service
*Community Internet1765 26th Ave.402-562-5904
*Eagle Communications877-613-2453
*Frontier Communications1366 27th Ave402-563-9366
*Spectrum2453 39th Ave.402-563-4511

*Alpha Media Radio Stations1418 25th St. 402-564-2866
*Columbus News Team1363 26th Ave. 402-562-5548
*Columbus Telegram1254 27th Ave. 402-564-2741

Phone Service
*Eagle Communications877-613-2453
*Frontier Communications1366 27th Ave.402-563-9366
*Selectel Wireless1012 E. 23rd St., Suite 200402-563-9990
*US Cellular325 E. 23rd St.402-564-6366
*Viaero Wireless410 E. 23rd St.402-606-6000

*Columbus Telegram1254 27th Ave.402-564-2741
*Recycle MonsterNW Highway 81402-564-6006
*Waste Connections402-721-7511

Television Service
*Eagle Communications877-613-2453
*Frontier Communications1366 27th Ave402-563-9366
*Spectrum2453 39th Ave.402-563-4511

City Offices2424 14th St.402-562-4220


*Becher Place Properties402-563-1615
*Columbian Village402-564-4512
*Columbus Housing Authority402-564-1131
*Country View Estates402-276-2204
*EIP, Inc.402-563-2761
*Jones Properties402-564-1304
*Westport Apt.402-564-1381

Child Care

Central NE Community Action Partnership3286 53rd Ave.402-564-1124
Health & Human Services2365 39th Ave.402-564-1113
*Immanuel Lutheran Pre-School & Daycare402-564-7407
*Little Messengers, Inc.3105 25th St.402-562-8400
*St Luke's Rainbow Preschool1071 21st Ave.402-564-1137
Connect Columbus (provider list)402-562-6539

* Indicates Chamber Member

Additional info regarding schools, churches, restaurants, rental properties or other community info can be obtained from the Chamber of Commerce, 753 33rd Ave., 402-564-2769.
Email: or access the Chamber website,

For current information on job opportunities available in the Columbus area, contact Kara Asmus, 402-564-2769 or email her at

Updated July 2016