News : Golden Coin Contest Underway

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You can win in another fun Columbus Days 2017 contest as you search for Buffalo Bill's lost coin.

Legend has it that following a dress rehearsal performance in 1883, a strongbox was stolen from Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show.
All items from the strongbox were eventually found and returned, except for one very rare Buffalo Bill gold coin. Over the years, the dusty trail has grown cold and interest has waned in the search for the lost coin.

However, with the introduction of the theme for the 2017 Columbus Days, law enforcement has reopened the case and has asked the whole community to draw a posse together in an effort to find the coin. A reward will be given to whomever finds and turns over this valuable coin! 

Here are the rules for you to use in searching for the lost coin:
· This coin IS visible from public property.
· You will not have to go inside any type of building or structure.
· You do not need to climb anything or craw under any object.
· Once you find the coin, please return it to the Chamber of Commerce for acknowledgement.

The winner will be announced during Columbus Days with the price being $300.00 in cash or one day rent at Henry on 11th valued at $375.00.

Sponsored by HENRY on 11th.